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For several years, Kitchener-Waterloo residents have been frustrated and sometimes angry about the construction around the building of our new light-rail transit system. But in some ways we should be grateful for the positive effect it has had on our brains. 

OCSM President Robert Fraser notes the changes he has observed in the twenty OCSM conferences that he has attended, and reflects on the constants that remain part of the conference conversation.

My first OCSM Conference was at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa in 1999. I had already been in the Victoria Symphony for nine seasons, and our very capable OCSM Delegate decided to pass on the work to someone else.

SSD Associate Director Richard Sandals recommends the best procedure for negotiating electronic media clauses.

Orchestras and their Locals have a great deal of leeway in negotiating collective agreements on the subject of live performance. When it comes to electronic media, however, Locals don’t have quite the same freedom. Obviously, it’s not in the Federation’s best interest – or your best interest! – to allow orchestras to undercut each other when it comes to recording.

OCSM 1st VP Matt Heller has compiled highlights from the 43rd annual OCSM Conference, held in Québec City in August 2018, covering: Quebec and bilingualism; media and communications; conference topics; and resolutions and elections. 

Arlene Dahl is OCSM's long-serving delegate from the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

There is always excitement, eager anticipation and yes, even a bit of apprehension whenever a symphony orchestra welcomes a new Music Director onto the podium. How will their creative vision influence the artistic journey as orchestra and conductor, together, begin a new chapter of music-making?