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NAC Exterior; Lisa Logan PhotographyThis week: Symphonic news from Ottawa, Baltimore, and Saskatoon...
The National Arts Centre is celebrating its 50th anniversary this Sunday, June 2nd; the Ottawa Citizen spoke with executive director and longtime NACO manager Christopher Deacon about the state of the NAC, its current initiatives and his vision for its future.
Separately in the Citizen, Lynn Saxberg reviewed the glowing reception of NACO's recent European tour with soloist James Ehnes. And a Globe and Mail listicle (paywalled) runs down 25 things you may not know about the NAC.
The management of the Baltimore Symphony abruptly cancelled the orchestra's summer season, citing "long term systemic issues" and a need to change the business model. BSO musicians' last contract expired in September 2018, and management has demanded a cut from a 52- to a 40-week season, the Washington Post reports.
The Saskatoon Symphony ran a successful fundraising campaign and achieved a surplus for 2018-19, its first in recent memory, the Star Phoenix reports. Music director Eric Paetkau and executive director Mark Turner also spoke to the Star Phoenix about the SSO's 19/20 season.
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