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ken with horseYour OCSM volunteer team is continually interacting with managements and union locals, assisting delegates and individuals receive information and services, and more. The executive is engaged in every aspect of Canada's orchestral profession. We always hope to find better ways of sharing all OCSM's activities with you.

Our flagship publication, Una Voce, has always been an important part of that connection to members and the general public. Until a few years ago, we distributed physical print versions via our delegates to each member. Since then, we typeset a PDF document which we email three times a year to each member and post on the website.

That has broadened the reach of Una Voce, but articles can wait months until they're distributed. They aren't easily shared via social media (certainly not individually) and aren't indexed or searchable. So we're not really making use of the power of online distribution.

We're going to try to change that. Just like print newspapers have up-to-the-minute online editions, we're going to try and make articles destined for Una Voce available individually for reading and sharing as soon as they are written. These articles will still be collated into issues and distributed to members as a digest. 

We hope these changes will better inform and engage our members, and will make more effective use of our internet-based resources. As always, your feedback is welcome!

- Ken MacDonald, OCSM Systems Administrator